Sunday, December 4, 2011

top 5 children's books

i loved charlie and chocolate factory as a child. i remember my mouth used to water with the vivid descriptions of the factory's treasures! the movie was such a disappointment.

this book was such an interesting read and i read it again a few weeks back. its amazing how good tutoring can change a child's life!

every girl has read sweet valley, back then life was incomplete without it. it was impossible to put down jessica's adventures and elizbeth's innocence.

ever heard of judy blume? she was my favourite author as a child. i have read almost all her books and novels and continue to read them today as well. her understanding of children is so spot on, sometimes you feel shes in your head!

as a child, i had a huge fascination with archie comics. funnily enough, my mother never discouraged me and read them herself. our family friends used to read them too so we would often exchange our comics with them.

what kind of books did you read as a child? growing up, did you read R.L Stine, christopher pike or were you into classics?

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