Wednesday, December 14, 2011

8 things i hate about matchmakers

1. Silly, inappropriate matches. Since you went to the same kindergarten and both love the colour purple, it is obvious that you two should get married.

2. They are everywhere. Whether you are shopping at Agha’s supermarket, getting your hair cut or doing yoga, aunty shireen will always spot you.

3. It’s a flourishing business. Thousands of rupees will be charged before the wedding (if any) and a heftier amount after.

4. Outrageous lies. They will always tell you that the guy is from the moon and has no flaws while the girl is a local ashwarya rai.

5. From the day you reached puberty till the day you are hitched, aunty qudsia and sanober will have memorized your age, height and cv.

6. Internships are available. Some of them have offices and staff as large as your kitchen crew.

7. The excitement. Baji Noor will rush to your house at the prospect of a single man or woman and assure you that their match will be found in no time.

8. It is easier for them to find a man than for you to find a blood donor!

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