Monday, October 10, 2011

they are finally here!

i grew up reading archie comics, tin tin and a few others like x-men and batman, only briefly though because they were expensive in pakistan. anyway, only until recently did i discover graphic novels to be so much fun, amazing in illustration and comprising actual adult stories. so when some relatives were visiting from the states, i asked my much beloved cousin to send me my favourite three from amazon. and guess what, she sent me brand new ones. yours truly is in possession of her new favourite reads but also cannot put them down.
interested readers, check out these at amazon, you can also read excerpts!
cancer vixen is a true story of a newyork based cartoonist when she discovered she had breast cancer and how she coped with it. beautiful, funny and strong illustrative work.
shortcomings is a piece of fictional based on a first generation japanese american and how his complexes and shortcomings in life affect his decisions and therefore future. when you read this, you actually feel like youre there!
ghost world is so funny and hilarious that you just cant put it down. story about two teenagers who are lost after high school and dont know what direction to take in their life. situations, visuals and scripts are so spot on, every individual can relate!

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