Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 things i hate about romantic comedies

how many romantic comedies have been made since the advent of movies? and how many are actually worth watching? is it a waste of time or simply entertainment?
check out this great article on the take of such productions.


1. The cliché. Guy meets girl, guy loves girl and guy loses girl only to get her back in the end. How come no romantic comedy is actually funny or sad in the end?

2. The wedding planner is beautiful, pristine and meticulous yet doesn’t have a boyfriend. The film stretches on to a good two hours till you find out she actually digs the groom. Yuck!

3. You are in love with your best friend who happens to be a guy. Now, you have shared every memory together; from pmsing to him straightening your hair yet you cant tell him you love him. Its only till he gets hitched that you realize you must confess. After three melodious songs at the dinner table and some display of Prada’s new collection it finally hits you. HES TAKEN!

4. What happened in Vegas should stay in Vegas. Must a film be made on it?

5. As if girlfriends who are alive aren’t enough that one must bear the brunt of dead ones. How many times have you been visited by the ghosts of your ex girl friends?

6. I sit online everyday for hours yet I never get mail from a handsome bookstore owner. Yet a simple, girl next door is getting them everyday. WHATS UP WITH THAT?

7. She is ugly, so ugly that women don’t want to talk to her. But one day, she gets a makeover and she is so beautiful, so beautiful now all men want her? The makeover transforms not only her looks but also her dead brain cells, improves her IQ and lands her a successful job. And you wonder why you weren’t a part of this makeover?

8. A new trend of squeezing all Hollywood stars together in one film to be misled into thinking it would be a hit. While you are trying to understand why Patrick Dempsey is cheating on Jennifer garner when suddenly, Ashton kutcher is shown in his underwear holding a ring. Wait… what

9. You probably wont remember what you did last week but your best friend who hasn’t seen you in seven years remember’s from a drunken night that he is your child’s biological father. KUDOS

10. Your dead husband leaves you letters to recover from his death that are meaningless and pointless. You don’t need a dead person to tell you to giddy up for your birthday, hey, your friends can do that for you.


  1. You rock my boat girl. Good one!

  2. hahahaha....thats why i have stopped watching MOST movies!