Friday, September 23, 2011

10 things i hate about the lame diaries

1. Welcome to the show where vampires are so sweet, so humble and so kind that you wish you could reward them with a citizen’s award. They not only drink animal blood but also from packets so that real people wouldn’t have to be killed.

2. They are rich without jobs. They have iphones, blackberry’s and the latest designer wear and you wonder why you’re not a vampire.

3. They have killed and sucked the life out of countless citizens yet the cops never seem to find them. There is no FBI or CIA in the show to actually solve the mystery.

4. There are high school kids who are never seen in school except for parties and farewells, infact that’s the only time when the school building is ever used

5. These kids have nothing to do except to find where werewolves are and who is the mean/vampire. They never have to study or even open a book.

6. Teachers are just as cool as these students and help them out. They have access to libraries and books that apparently have the history of vampires, Not only that but spells and deep secrets too.

7. People die, disappear and vanish into thin air yet no one seems to notice. As long as there’s a party and free booze, WHO CARES!

8. The blood bank is open to all. Anyone can just come in, take as many packets and store them at home. Again, no one notices this absence.

9. Witches can do almost anything. From resurrection to destruction, these witches have a spell for everything.

10. The show has a high rating!


  1. hahahahah.... hhahahh yaar i still watch it... although iam rolling my eyes half the time!

  2. Haha. Way to go for telling it like it is.

  3. tell me some actually good, believable shows worth watching.

  4. Funny, finally a light hearted post on the blogsphere.

  5. The Wire. It's really intense and gritty, but by far the most realistic series I'v seen. Amazing stuff. And yeah, Mad Men. I just started it a while back, so far so good.

  6. i was just watching the trailer of the wire a few days ago, HBO series are always good. take true blood. acha, mad men i'll see... thanks arham!

  7. Thank you for understanding my pain since I was forced to watch season one with a bunch of teenage girls gone wild over Damon sorta cousins. I managed to escape season 2. I've been clean since then. Phew!

  8. you were forced to watch a show? what, did someone put a gun at you?