Thursday, September 8, 2011

learning to be truly happy

Art therapy session one

You can learn a lot about a child’s psyche and mental state by the way they paint their self portrait. Their self perception is often reflected by their vivid brush strokes and placement of features. This however does not mean that children who paint terribly are immature or abnormal, no absolutely not. But children who include more details in their painting, demonstrate a higher level of maturity, understanding and self awareness.

Our school has devised a new system of helping children with different kinds of disabilities. Every teacher must take out at least two periods per week to spend quality time with these them. Therefore, I spend time with three girls every Thursday in the last two periods and try my best to do Art therapy with them.

Last week, after distributing paper and paint, I explained their assignment to them. I told them how they had to draw their own self portrait and drew a small one myself for a better understanding. As they started drawing, I started scribbling bits about their behaviour, thoughts because sometimes it’s easier to identify their psychological disorder by doing so. The image they draw is always distorted and they see the world through lost eyes hence their discernment is the same.

Its rather sad to observe these students who are constantly seeking approval. Their confidence has been brutally shattered and that reflects in their personality. They make sad and small eyes because they themselves are miserable. They are often bullied and ridiculed by peers.

So every Thursday, I am extremely thankful to God. Rest of the week I grumble, complain and whine about a failed scholarship and relationship, not so hot career and flop travel plans but come Thursday and I am a different person. When I see these girls, all I think about is how lucky I am to be healthy, normal and self aware. It is truly a gift and a highly precious one. Sometimes you need one, just that one thing to make you feel alive and happy again.


  1. listen I wish I went to cool-ed up CAS too because my school was super shit they held me back in 4th grade because I wasn't performing well none cared that I had 3rd position year earlier. Its sad, I had lot of problems in those days and I couldn't concentrate in school to this day i've held so much grudge against these schools for keeping barely trained to be compassionate teachers who measure performance in terms of numbers. I mean yeah ok that does have merit but humans have souls, only robots do good with numbers.

    anyway girl I'm back to blogworld check me out.

  2. oh my god, its like you said the words right out of my mouth. only robots do good with numbers. thats true and most schools do this, its extremely sad yet true.
    what do you do now?


    I do Padu idiot!:P