Monday, July 25, 2011

10 things i hate about tv commercials

1 The delusion. Every advertisement must have a happy family that sings, dances and is beautiful to look at even if they are selling an Internet package.

2 The disbelief. No matter how ugly, dark or unfortunate looking you are, fairness cream will transform you. From the guy of your dreams to the scholarship that you are so unqualified for are now all yours.

3 Husbands will want to kiss your hands and sasu ma will give you all her jewellery if you cook food in that cooking oil. Pleasing people has never been easier.

4 Your promotion and a new car are guaranteed if your shirt is chalk white and shoes clean and sparkling. Your neighbours will suddenly take more interest in your life and your children at school wont be the laughing stock anymore.

5 Advertising for milk is now as comprehensive as shooting songs for bollywood movies. The same set, loud music, dance steps and extras are required.

6 You are a loser if you don’t have that cellular service. The key to popularity is not your personality but rather the service you use. Friends or family, everyone will love you unconditionally.

7 The answer to a successful commercial is not what you are selling but rather the hot looking model in it. She will not only make your day but persuade you into buying something you obviously don’t need.

8 Water has never been purer. From the wonderful mountains to the great rivers this water lands right into your bottle. So what if the price is sky high, its only fair to spend so much on a basic necessity.

9 Miracles are performed right here right now. The wrinkle free cream will promise you immortality and skin so unbelievably clear, its as if you were born today.

10 Energy drinks. You can climb K2, put your arm inside the mouth of a shark and jump off a plane without a parachute because the makers of the drink assure you just that.


  1. HAHAHA oh my god this is hilarious.

  2. thanks furree katt.. i'll be posting more soon..

  3. You forgot the dancing and singing that goes along with our cellular network companies/ice-creams/pretty much everything else being advertised. Maza awami kha badami. Haha.

  4. i hate that maza awaami ad... but i must give it to the industry, theres zero creativity...
    roshni, thanks a lot...