Friday, July 22, 2011

10 reasons why i wont marry you

1. I wont marry you but I would like to come to your house, eat samosa’s with chutney that usually drips down my shirt as I didn’t have lunch and give you impolite stares.

2. I wont marry you because you are dark/too educated/quick to ask questions and not the submissive sort.

3. I wont marry you because my mother/sister think you are not right for me. After all it is them you must live with as I have nothing to do with you.

4. I wont marry you because I am a gold digger and must win a lottery in the form of dowry.

5. I cant marry you because I have to go abroad and it is pointless to take you with me. How will I party and have fun after all ?

6. I want to marry you but my parents think iam better off with a simple, uneducated and domesticated girl who will cook, clean and do all the work for me.

7. I sometimes think of marrying you but then I think about my freedom, travel plans and then why marry when I can just have fun?

8. Of course I will marry you but not today, neither tomorrow nor in the upcoming years. You see I want to establish myself, the more I earn, the more I want but I am sure you’ll understand.

9. I like you and I like sending time with you but darling marriage is like forever and I don’t see myself being with you forever.

10. I am just a wuss, a coward and don’t have the balls to commit. Its not you babe its me.