Monday, January 17, 2011

imagine for yourself

It’s been a whole year since graduation and my job. I still remember my first days as a teacher_hesitant and nervous. I think I have come a long way since then. I met some very inspirational and interesting people who sort of changed my life. They definitely made me think in a different perspective. I met students who made me want to become a better teacher. They taught me patience, something I was in dire need of. They also taught me things outside the classroom. Things that I would go home and ponder over.
I made very good friends at school. They taught me how to think and spend my life, to which I am very grateful for. I started believing in myself after undergrad school, which didn’t turn out to be as well as I expected. The most important lesson that 2010 taught me was not to look back. I saw some major disappointments and minor achievements. My biggest failure was not getting the scholarship, something I had put my butt into. My most favourite and comforting grandmother died. I also went through something I had never thought of. But all of this came with some good moments too. We moved to a better place, alhamdolah and I got my own room. My salary increased and I got promoted. I found strength in family and friends through many things. And after all of this, something inside me kept telling me not to look back because the minute that you do, you cannot come back. And I wanted to come back to life. I reassured myself that life will not get exciting if you want it to. Accept the changes and move on. Basically SHIT HAPPENS! Lol.
And I am beginning to get my faith back. Very slowly, bit by bit, I am getting there. I believe God has greater plans than you imagine for yourself. And that’s exactly what I expect from 2011, inshallah!

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