Wednesday, November 4, 2009

for another life

Ok, if I ever had another life what would I do. I sometimes very seriously ponder over such a possibility. What would I actually do. If I could escape my life right now where would I actually go?
I would go to the USA for my phD. Definitely. Iam a sucker for education. Its never enough for me. My mum thinks iam just too ambitious, I should slow down she thinks. I think I would dedicate my entire life towards studying. I would study whatever I want. And in my another life I would have ample money to do so. And there so many tempting subjects to choose from also.

I would fall in love again. This time it would be different. I would be more open and inviting. I would give him a chance to be more expressive. I wouldn’t do things that I did in my previous life. I would probably go out with him. Give in completely. Let him be in charge completely.

I would travel. Yes. Alone or with friends. But I would spend all my money after my degree on travelling. There are numerous places that I have been dying to visit. All the exotic places that I know. And travelling can be one of the best things that life has to offer. The Thailand trip gave me such immense pleasure.

Since religion is a very important part of my life so I might wear my scarf in my another life. I most probably would. I might not for the first few days but my conscience would get the better of me and I would be the hijabi babe in minutes. But I would wear it differently, exploring different styles and methods.

I would write more often. The writer in me would rise. I would write my own novel which I have been trying to for the past few years now. Ideas keep flooding in but never actually come down on paper.

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