Sunday, November 27, 2011

theres no easy way

No one has a complete life. You can’t have love, career plus the other small things you want. A year before I had love but no strong career. Today exactly a year ahead, when my business is finally looking up, I don’t have love. As a child I used to think about this love vs. work argument a lot. Immature that I was, I used to find work more exciting. Today I find love more important. When something very dear to you is snatched or rather slips from your hand by just inches is extremely painful. It’s so painful that sometimes you feel like you’ll never recover from the pain. Or when you fall head over heels in love with a wrong guy. However it maybe, love comes with a price.

But I think god balances your life with distractions. Even if you think about a guy twenty four seven, something exciting happens in your life to make you forget. I was waiting for a chance to leave my job and work full time on my business. I think now is the best time. This is the distraction I needed. From the mundane life that I was leading, from the people I was falling for.

I am confused, hurt, broken and excited for new possibilities.

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