Tuesday, May 3, 2011

its a funny story

they say the thing that you cant have is the thing that you want most. is it true? the whole concept of the forbidden fruit, is it correct? is that why Adam and Eve wanted to try that apple? because they knew they couldnt.
what about things in our daily lives? why do we always want men who dont want us and never want the ones who do? why does everything on the other side seem brighter than this one? is this simply human nature or something that i strongly feel about?
this is exactly how we treat our relationships too. when a nice guy comes along and maybe promises greener pastures, we always want to take the dirtier but more fun option instead. why? why do we do that? i know i have, not once but plenty of times. and when a man comes along who is everything you want but you cant be with him because of various reasons, life just seems so unfair at that time. but is it really so unfair? are we not looking for something that we may never find after all?
when i was going to buy my Mac, i had my eyes set on a particular one that i could afford. but reaching the store, my mind obviously changed after seeing the better and unaffordable option. and knowing the fact that you cant have this, makes you desire the other even more.
why dont we just settle for what we have and not look at other things around us. do we do this because of our capitalistic society? were surrounded by options and options, from the detergent to the perfume we use. if not this biscuit than the other one. does this attitude reflect our choices in life too? are treating relationships like consumer commodities too? the question is are we treating humans as products, as replaceable things that can be selected when needed and simply discarded when not?

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