Sunday, March 13, 2011

chocolate of life

alhamdolah... life is sweet, there are things to be grateful for. a bridal shower that was a huge success. a friend more happy and contended now.
my work at school is being liked thank God! today, my first book came out. i designed the entire cover and inner pages except for the colour. and everyone really liked it along with the concept that i came up with for the classic musical night. everything went well. and now a musician has asked me to design his entire rock concert concept. from the invitation cards to the posters and the back drop. i have started working on flip and fold again. i am slow but slowly making progress...
readers do wish me luck and say a little prayer for a dear friends grandmother who passed away today!
see you soon after my trip! inshallah


  1. You are a book designer..???
    Great,Cuz I'm gonna have my book published soon..:P

    Nice blog,I just stumbled By,I could locate the FOLLOW butto or else I would have follwed ya,..:P

    And If you have tyme..

  2. That friend of yours, loved her bridal shower. Thank you.

  3. falsa... your welcome....
    hamza....i just posted on your blog